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Practice Areas


Litigation is one of our main practice areas.

We appear in all courts and tribunals that deal with civil proceedings - the Israeli Supreme Court, District Courts, Magistrate Courts, Labor Courts and other tribunals.


Cases that we tried became precedents in Israeli law.


We represent clients in proceedings of various types:


  • Shareholders Disputes

  • Distribution, Agency and Dealership Agreements

  • Banking Law

  • Insurance Law

  • Libel and Slander

  • Negligence and Professional Liability

  • Internet Law

  • Unfair Trading

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency

  • Real Estate and Construction

  • Administrative Law

  • Commodities Trading

  • Employment Law


Absolute familiarity with the facts of any given case, combined with learned analysis of the legal issues in question, and optimal use of available procedural tools, are the key elements for a winning strategy.


When representing clients from abroad, we provide full support and analysis, and ensure that the client avoid any uncertainty or misunderstanding that may result from language differences.

High Technology

Since the 90’s we have represented clients in high-technology transactions, in the fields of consumer electronics, medical devices, media, communication, Internet, computer and system management, software and hardware, electricity and more.


Our clients include high-technology companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and other players acting in this field.


We provide our clients full and comprehensive legal support and counselling in their activities, including the following matters:


  • Investment Agreements

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Shareholders and Voting Agreements

  • Credit, Loan and other Finance Agreements

  • Purchase and Supply Agreements

  • Manufacturing and OEM Agreements

  • Joint Ventures

  • License Agreements

  • Joint Development

  • Intellectual Property Agreements

Real Estate

Our real estate practice has developed and is now one of our major areas of concentration. We have dealt with well-known and complicated agreements in this field.


Dealing with complex real estate transactions requires special expertise, experience and a high degree of care. Each transaction has its own unique factors, which must be appropriately addressed. In recent years we have dealt with transactions of more than $250 million. In order to realize opportunities, and still avoid assumption of unnecessary risks, creative thinking and consideration of all relevant factors are required.


We have handled major construction projects in various places in Israel, including Netanya, Beer-Sheva, Raanana, Modiin and more.


We have also represented investors in real estate projects in East Europe.

Class Actions

Our office has one of Israel's leading class action practices. We usually represent plaintiffs in these proceedings.


We represent parties to class actions pertaining to a wide variety of fields:


  • Securities

  • Consumer Protection

  • Banking

  • Insurance

  • Communication

  • Administrative Law

  • Employment Law


We always seek to provide the class we represent with the maximum remedy available. In one case, customers of a cellular carrier were awarded with moneys illegaly charged from them, amounting to NIS 18 million. Recently, it was ruled that three insurance companies would pay the insured people, moneys due to them, which so far the insurers refused to pay. In other cases, under settlements made, investors in the stock exchange were granted material amounts as compensation for losses incurred by them, due to failure to disclose information and other deprivation of investors' rights. A major Israeli bank has admitted of illegaly charging its clients a certain commission, and is in the process of returning all amounts charged.


We have obtained precedential rulings in many cases. In a ruling of major importance, the court has decided that institutional investors can act as lead plaintiffs, despite the fact that their losses justify indivudual claims. In another well-known case several precedents were obtained - it was ruled that a cellular carrier is not entitled to start charging for services which were previously given at no charge. This case also yielded a very important ruling of the Supreme Court, relating to the standard of review applicable to appeals on class action certifications. In another case, a class action was certified, ruling that excessive interest was charged by a leading bank, and the customer's accounts were debited with no basis.


Currently, dozens of classactions are taken care by us.

Commercial Law

A major part of the firm's activity is dedicated to legal counselling and advice to our business clients.


Our legal counselling includes dealing with corporate governance, investment agreements, strategic transactions, regulatory matters, trade and commerce, labor issues and more.


We have acted as counsel and represented clients in a variety of transactions:


  • Investment and Capital Raising Agreements

  • Distribution, Agency and Representation Agreements

  • Finance, Credit, Security and Collateral Agreements

  • Joint Ventures

  • Manufacturing and OEM Agreements

  • Sale of Shares and other Corporate Interests

  • Supply Agreements

  • Computer Agreements

  • Import and Export of Goods

  • Real Estate Agreements

  • Franchise Agreements

  • Intellectual Property Agreements

Arbitration and Mediation

Over the years we have represented parties in arbitration and mediation proceedings.


In our view, arbitration is a very effective tool to achieve the client's objective. However, due to the special legal rules that apply in arbitration proceedings, it is imperative to consider, in each specific case, if the reference of the matter to arbitration serves the client's interests. If so, it is crucial to define the rules that shall apply to the arbitration. Those rules relate to the election of the arbitrator, the applicability of the material laws to the arbitration, the time to arbitrate, the requirement that the arbitrator provide the reasoning for the ruling, and more.


In the last decade the mediation process was introduced to the Israeli legal system, and is utilized broadly. Representation of the client in mediation requires special attention. The mediation process demands a creative approach, in which our extensive experience plays a significant role.


The members of our office act as mediators and arbitrators.

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