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Consumer protection

Aviv v. Facebook

violation of users` right to privacy

Swaid v. Bezeq

breach of obligation to provide nationwide internet coverage

The Israeli Consumer Council v. Hot Telecommunication Systems

charging clients for a service which was given without their consent

The Israeli Consumer Council v. Lotonet Members Club

illegal marketing of gambling and misleading statements

Levi v. Ministry of Health

excessive interest for ER visit fee debt

Lapiner v. Bezeq

unlawful collection costs charge

Varum v. Alpha Bio-Tech Inc.

defective bone grafts

Lev v. Mifal Hapais

breach of Israel State Lottery`s operating permit and regulations

Regev v. Japanauto-Israel Auto Corporation

defective Subaru cars

Danino v. Carmelton Group

private vehicle toll

Goren v. Bitan Wines

charging above the price labeled on products

Lapiner v. Bezeq

overcharging customers who did not not pay their due debts

Telraz v. Bezeq

charging clients for false information taken from the database used by the company`s call center

Nassar v. Champion Motors

defective Volkswagen cars

Levi v. Ministry of Health

excessive interest for ER visit fee debt

Danino v. 013 Netvision

unlawful charge of collection fees

De Lange v. Partner, Bloch v. Pelephone

price discrimination between clients

The Israeli Consumers Council v. Icon Group

breach of the statutory obligation to supply spare parts for iPad and iPod devices

Reznik v. Pelephone, Keinan v. Partner, Sigora Bar-Nir v. Cellcom

unlawful charge of Value Added Tax for cellular services given abroad

Fattal v. Cellcom, Greenberg v. Cellcom

unlawful charge for call log printout

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