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Litigation is one of our main practice areas.

We appear in all courts and tribunals that deal with civil proceedings - the Israeli Supreme Court, District Courts, Magistrate Courts, Labor Courts and other tribunals.


Cases that we tried became precedents in Israeli law.


We represent clients in proceedings of various types:


  • Shareholders Disputes

  • Distribution, Agency and Dealership Agreements

  • Banking Law

  • Insurance Law

  • Libel and Slander

  • Negligence and Professional Liability

  • Internet Law

  • Unfair Trading

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency

  • Real Estate and Construction

  • Administrative Law

  • Commodities Trading

  • Employment Law


Absolute familiarity with the facts of any given case, combined with learned analysis of the legal issues in question, and optimal use of available procedural tools, are the key elements for a winning strategy.


When representing clients from abroad, we provide full support and analysis, and ensure that the client avoid any uncertainty or misunderstanding that may result from language differences.

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